Mediterranean marine fauna and flora

Welcome to our Mediterranean marine fauna and flora gadget page! After collecting thousands of images of marine organisms during our research and training activities we realized we were ready to provide the first customizable multi-language fishes and invertebrates identification cards that we have been seeking for so long!

Here you will be able to purchase our standard ID cards and posters or to ask for a custom version with your preferred species or the logo of your company or institution!

We accept PayPal payments, thus you will be able to pay with any of the major credit cards! Do not hesitate to contact us for technical support or products enquiries!

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Mediterranean fishes and invertebrates ID cards
Mediterranean Fishes and Invertebrates ID card

Photographs and design © Francesca Riolo, Mappamondo GIS 2006-2011

The identification cards feature fish and invertebrate species that can be encountered while diving or snorkelling in the Mediterranean. The marine organisms are represented through colour photographs of living specimens. The Latin name of the species plus the common name in one or two other languages is provided beside the photograph. Additional taxonomic information is also supplied such as families for fishes and classes or orders for other phyla to better understand the relationships between the various organisms. The average and maximum size of each fish species is also reported.

Cards are printed with UV technology on recyclable plastic sheets (148mm × 210mm x 0.75mm) and they aim to be used for a very long time.

The "Mediterranean fauna and flora" ID card includes 48 photographs of the most common Mediterranean organisms (29 fishes, 14 invertebrates, 2 algae and 1 plant) and is available in one or two languages among English, French, German and Italian. 

Coming soon:

The "Mediterranean Fishes" ID card includes 42 species of fishes and is available in one or two languages among English, French, German and Italian. 

The "Mediterranean Invertebrates" ID card includes 50 species of invertebrates and is available in one or two languages among English, French, German and Italian. 

To purchase the identification cards feel free to use our PayPal payment option by pressing the buy now button or to make a wire transfer (contact us for details). 

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Customize your identification card!
Mediterranean Fishes and Invertebrates ID card

If you are a diving centre, a marine protected area, a research institution, a private business or an individual wishing to have a customized identification card with your logo, favourite fish, marine organisms or language please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to produce your customized identification card.

We have available thousands of images of Mediterranean organisms to choose from or we can insert those from your collection.

Adding your logo to our standard ID cards has no additional cost when ordering more than 50 cards! Analogously for inserting a languages other than the 4 we provide  (we ask you to supply the desired translation of the common names)

For additions of new species we will be happy to send you a quotation depending on the number of species to be added and the quantity ordered.