GIS Day 14th November, 2007

Mappamondo GIS and the University of Parma thank all those that participated to the GIS Day 2007

 and invite you all to following years events!


The event, organized by Mappamondo GIS and the Department of Environmental Sciences, was held in the wonderful context of the science hall and auditorium at the Parma University Campus. Various public and private institutions, university students, high school groups and generic public attended the full day seminar. An exhibit hall was also available for software demonstrations and map galleries.

The opening was performed by the Chancellor of Parma University, Dr. Gino Ferretti. The various presentations covered several aspects of the application of GIS based on the theme "GIS: Development, research and land management". Particular success was also achieved by the presentations for the high schools and the technical workshops on ArcGIS 9.2.  

The guest key-note speakers presented innovative applications of GIS with a very interesting technical content. Stefano Brigaglia from ESRI Italy illustrated the new functionalities and products of the ESRI suite and some interesting case study applications. Ivan Tani from Hera S.p.A presented their ArcGIS Server based system for utilities emergency management while Simone Vicenti illustrated a methodology to assess habitat suitability for the farming of the Philippine clam. Michele Vittorio from Mappamondo GIS presented the innovative training opportunities on the use of GIS technology for marine and coastal environment management (Dive GIS) and for the study of landslide processes. Several projects concerned local applications of GIS demonstrating the large use of this technology within the local government.

To be highlighted the speeches from Paolo Camuti Borani about the GIS as a support tool within Parma Province and surrounding Municipalities, and from the Environmental Protection Agency staff about the use of GIS by the Meteorological Services department to map agricultural crops from remotely sensed data.

The variety of the public that attended the event in the auditorium and on the web demonstrated the quality and variety of the presentations.

The event was webcasted live on the internet and followed by several people on the web. Recorded videos are available for download on this website (Italian only).

The GIS Day is a great chance to network the representatives and stake-holders of various domains that in different ways and at different levels apply GIS technologies to take better decisions as well as to introduce these powerful tools and methodologies to people new to them . Mappamondo GIS and the Department of Environmental Sciences of Parma University hope that the GIS Day will become a yearly appointment for the current and future GIS community. Held each year on the Wednesday of National Geographic Society’s Geography Awareness Week (November 11–17 in 2007), GIS Day is a global event that celebrates geographic information system (GIS) technology, the innovative technology that uses geography to bring countless benefits to the world. From the beaches of Jamaica to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, events are scheduled in 53 countries.

Mappamondo GIS and Parma University provide an opportunity for those curious about GIS to see its applications in action.

9:30 am – 7:00 pm: Series of speeches held by our keynote speakers on the subject: “GIS: Development, research and environmental management” (details in Italian only)

10:00 am – 7 pm: Various activities will be carried on in different areas of the exhibit:  

Technical workshops: What is GIS and introduction to ArcGIS/What’s new in ArcGIS 9.2 This two technical workshops of 30 minutes each will be held every hour. Technical questions are also welcome during this session  

GIS applications in the province of Parma: GIS applications developed by public administrations, university and other institutions in the province of Parma will be presented in this corner.  

GIS Day around the world: A live link with other GIS Day events held in the five continents.  

Mappamondo GIS showcase: Software demonstrations and educational activities in the field of geographic information systems for the management of natural resources, protected areas, fishery and conservation of marine ecosystems.  

The learning path: “How GIS answers your geographic questions”  A challenging path consisting of geographic questions and guided practical exercises on GIS software.

Opening speach by the chancellor of Parma University Dr. Gino Ferretti - Parma University
GIS in the solar system Maria Sgavetti, Loredana Pompilio - Earth Science Department, Parma University
Development of a landslide risk map for the Ceno Valley using GRASS software. Aldo Clerici, S.Perego, C.Tellini, P.Vescovi - Earth Science Department, Parma University
Design of an ecological network using multi-variate statistics, GIS and conservation planning software: Baganza Valley case study. Angelo Pecci, Pierfrancesca Rossi, Massimiliano Archina, Orazio Rossi - Environmental Sciences Department; Parma University
Latest GIS software Stefano Brigaglia - ESRI Italia
New technologies for territory monitoring and the production of technical and thematic cartography. Armando Cavazzini - Compagnia Generale Riprese Aeree - Blom ASA Group
GIS for environmental strategy planning: Valsat case study. Giorgio Neri, Davide Gerevini, Claudia Giardinà - Ambiter s.r.l.
Green Card Project: a methodology to develop vegetation maps from land use cartography. Stefano Corticelli, GIS Services, Emilia-Romagna Region
Historical land use database of the Emilia-Romagna Region from pre-union cartography (1828-1853) Maria Luisa Garberi, GIS Services, Emilia-Romagna Region
COLT project: The classification of agricultural land using remote sensing and Spot 5 satellite images. Andrea Spisni, Vittorio Marletto, SMR, Arpa Emilia-Romagna
A web GIS for utilities emergency calls under the legislation D.Lgs. AEGG 168/04 Ivan Tani, Hera S.p.A. - Famula On-Line
Remote sensing and GIS as academic methodologies to study the territory and the environment. Massimo Gherradi, Gilmo Vianello - CSSAS-DiSTA Bologna University
Innovative training opportunities in GIS Michele Vittorio - Mappamondo GIS
A GIS for the school's infrastructures of Parma Ilaria Fioretti - Civil Engeneering Department; Parma University
GIS as support tool for Parma Province and municipalities. Paolo Camuti Borani - Parma Province.
A GIS application to estimate soil consumption in Emilia Romagna Ciro Gardi - Environmental Sciences Department; Parma University
GIS and Spatial Analysis to study production potentiality of the Philippine clam (Tapes philippinarum) in the bay Sacca di Goro. (Italy) Simone Vincenzi, Graziano Caramori, Giulio A. De Leo, Remigio Rossi - Environmental Sciences Department; Parma University.