15th ASITA Italian GIS Conference 2011

Reggia di Colorno

We couldn't miss this national event as it was hosted in our home town! The 15th ASITA Italian GIS Conference 2011 was held from November 15 to November 18 in the prestigious Colorno Royal Palace in Parma.

The ASITA Conference is a major GIS EXPO organized by the Italian Association of Science on Geographic and Environmental Information Systems

The Conference had an audience of more than 2500 attendees from across Italy.

Some of the topics on which the conference focused included updates on the application of the INSPIRE directive, developments linked to the Digital Agenda 2020, Smart Cities projects, the Cosmo-SkyMed program  and the status of the Open Data initiative.

Technical workshops were offered at various "corners" of the EXPO by software and service providers.

The Exhibition Hall hosted 48 exhibition booths hosting service and products providers for the GIS community and a variety of governmental agencies showcasing GIS applications.

Over 200 user presentations divided in 36 thematic sessions included themes such as environmental monitoring, architectural preservation of historical buildings, public health, urban planning, agriculture, cartography, home safety, geology, forestry, webGIS, 3D GIS, latest remote sensing sensors and more.

Videos of all sessions are available at: http://www.asita.it/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=137&Itemid=3