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Mappamondo GIS quit its operations in 2012 due to a change of career of its founding members. We can still provide basic technical support to previous clients in case of need, but we do not upgrade our software anymore. Fish ID cards are still available for sale on this website. The contents of this website will remain available.


Mappamondo GIS is a worldwide operating business offering Geographic Information Systems and IT solutions to assist environmental management. It is based on the extended international experience of its founding members.

Recent research directions and new legislations introduced the concept of ecosystem based natural resources management that takes into account the complexity of the environment and the processes at multiple scales that influence it. In this framework the spatial component becomes a priority and environmental management becomes highly compatible with Geographic Information Systems.

Mappamondo GIS takes advantage of GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis and software development technologies to support a variety of environmental management efforts including impact assessment, biophysical characterization and monitoring, urban planning, natural resources mapping, suitability modeling, conservation, data management, cartographic and visual aids production.

Through its qualified instructors Mappamondo GIS offers the latest in GIS and IT training at all levels and delivers on-demand courses for your industry.

We focus on:

  • Geographic Information Systems and IT enterprise solutions
  • ArcGIS Server and open source latest web GIS technologies
  • Databases creation, management and conversion
  • Geodatabase migration
  • Custom GIS application and automated workflows development
  • Remote sensing and image analysis
  • Environmental management, monitoring and research
  • Marine GIS
  • Training

Just some example of the technologies we use:

GIS: ESRI, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatstical Analyst, Tracking Analyst, Network Analyst and other extensions, MapServer, GRASS - Remote Sensing: Er Mapper, Erdas, ENVI - Databases: Oracle, SQl Server, ArcSDE, MySQL, Postgres - Development: ArcObjects, VB.NET, ASP, Java Script, PHP, JAVA, JSF, Dojo, VB, CSS, XHTML, XML, KML, AJAX, Google Maps APIs, Flash - Statistics: SAS, MatLab

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We endorse the position of the Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy aiming to develop an healthier, steady and long term sustainable economy and way of life. Read more...

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We are members of the EBM Tools Network, an alliance of EBM tool users, providers, and researchers to promote the use and development of EBM in coastal and marine environments.


Mappamondo GIS wishes to support GIS conservation projects around the world. Please read more about our program and activities!

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Fishery Analyst Online

Fishery Analyst in its web GIS version is now online at the Virgin Institute of Marine Science! Try it!

Dive GIS

Find out more about our unique course!

Mediterranean corals: a hidden treasure

Explore the hidden world of Mediterranean corals with the report issued by Mappamondo GIS!

Mediterranean fauna and flora

The first customizable fish and invertebrate ID cards are now available!


We are committed to prompt and reliable customer service! Do not hesitate to contact us for technical support or products and solutions enquiries!